Finding a Qualified Electrician

By Bill Abernathy

There are many different electrical jobs a home may need done over the years, ranging from installing a simple light fixture to rewiring an entire residence. The electrician you choose for your home repairs and electrical work should be experienced and qualified to tackle any electrical job with skill and know-how.

Before you contact any potential electricians to perform work in your home, you should have a good idea what the job requires. Keep in mind that a professional electrician will ask you questions about the specifics of the issue before coming out to your home. For example, if you have a home office and your computer keeps losing power – and you’ve determined that it is not an issue with the computer but rather a problem with the flow of electricity, the electrician will need to be told this. Electricians are very good at restoring power and making it flow safely throughout the walls of the home. Any information that you can provide the electrician beforehand (like the voltage of your computer equipment, etc.) mean less time the electrician will have to spend diagnosing the problem. Time is money, and the less time the professional electrician spends trying to figure out the cause of the problem is less money you’ll have to spend on the service.

You should also make sure that the electrician you hire for work in your home or small business is licensed and carry the necessary credentials. Electricians who are experienced and skilled have been on many jobs and taken many difficult tests in order to obtain their license. They’ve spent hours perfecting their craft in order to work with electricity safely and confidently. The electrician you choose will make sure that all connections and wires are installed safely so you and your family can be safe from electrical fires.

After you have found an experienced electrician who carries the proper credentials, the next factor in determining if he or she is right for the job in your home is whether they are punctual and thorough. You will want to make sure that the electrician you hire shows up on time and will get to work right away. An electrician who makes you sit at home waiting all day before they finally show up probably doesn’t take their job too seriously. Also, electricians who are slow workers or take frequent brakes may be taking advantage of an hourly pay rate. It is important to have the electrician provide you with an estimate explaining all charges, then give you a time frame in which the job can be completed.

When you find an electrician you can trust, you will rely on them for all of your electrical needs. Check with your friends and family for recommendations and find a qualified and experienced electrician or electrical team to perform work for your home or business.

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